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Blue Surpasses Dimension
Curated by Elaine Kim, Saywell Gallery

"Blue is the invisible becoming visible...” Yves Klein

The "Blue Surpasses Dimension" exhibition aims to delve deeper into the philosophical and emotional significance of the colour blue, exploring its connections to the human experience, nature, spirituality, and the infinite. Through a collection of artworks, this exhibition grants visitors an expanded perspective on the boundless possibilities, profound emotions, and multi-dimensional connotations associated with blue. This exhibition seeks to explore the various meanings and symbolism of this pigment, examining how colour is intertwined within the tapestry of our lives, nature and the landscape. Drawing upon the limitless range of pigment present within both the sea and sky, the curatorial vision contemplates symbolic tranquillity and harmony represented by this vivid colour.

In a tribute to artists like Yves Klein and his iconic "IKB" (International Klein Blue), artists strive to elicit a feeling of the boundless, hinting at the limitless potential held within blue. In the realm of abstraction, blue serves as a medium for the artist's intention, enabling them to rise above the boundaries of representation and delve into the metaphysical sphere. As aptly phrased by Klein himself, "Blue surpasses dimension." Hence, the artworks on display convey the essence of blue as more than just a visual phenomenon. They delve into its profound symbolic significance, capturing the intangible aspects of the human experience. Each artwork depicts a story encapsulating the interplay between colour and emotion, form, and spirituality. In summary, "Blue Surpasses Dimension" transcends being a mere exploration of colour; rather it delves deeper, reflecting upon the psychological and emotional response to this electric pigment within our daily lives.

Written by Elaine Kim, September, 2023 

Artist Statement 

The banksia serrata, a distinctly recognisable Australian emblem, stands as a unique plant delineating the expanse of the Eastern shoreline. Native to the ancestral lands of the Bidjigal people for countless millennia, this flora relies on bushfires for its rebirth. Originally “discovered” and named by Sir Joseph Banks in 1770, it carries a narrative woven with the threads of colonial history and ecological significance. The banksia serrata, a motif ingrained in Gibbs' childhood literature of the early 1900s, is familiar to observers. Through tales like "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie," the plant is woven into the fabric of numerous Australian bedtime stories (Gibbs, 1918). These stories cement the banksia's role as a representation of the "other," prompting contemplation of our postcolonial connection with native flora and the wider landscape. Hand-sculpted from clay, then fired into timeless sculptures, my artwork encapsulates the banksia’s dual nature as both temporal and resilient. The blue pigment and ultramarine glazes act as transformative agents, distorting and amplifying the recognisable traits of the flora, thereby encapsulating the uncanny and peculiar narratives inherent within the Australian bush. This chromatic manipulation evokes an otherworldly quality, encouraging audiences to delve into the interplay between familiarity and the unknown within this iconic landscape.

Blue Surpasses Dimensions
Curated by Elaine Kim, Saywell Gallery
14th of September - 24th of September, 2023 


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